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Have you had enough of trying to work out what is wrong with you or for you? Would you like to try something positively different, whereby the focus is on what is right with you or for you?

Feel a sense of ease with yourself by gaining back your self-worth and in addition receive a unique personalised creative gift to encourage you continue with your ongoing development towards your personal contentment and well-being.

Facilitated by a qualified & experienced Mental health & Creative therapist; Sally~ann Taylor

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The value of developing self worth- A life is a journey and along the paths that you will travel on there will be many challenges. Inevitably some of which in your inexperience you will struggle with, resulting in self-doubts and eventually a lack of self-value and self-worth. Consequently, and so that you may do and be well through your life’s journey, you are in need of acquiring a good supportive loving relationship with – yourself:

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Deer self-compassion therapy-

The practice of having a compassionate relationship with yourself.

Interactive talking therapy exercise accompanied with a personalised handout for your ongoing development of your self-compassion.

The first steps needed towards having a reasonably good relationship with yourself (and consequently reasonably good relationships with others,) starts by learning to have compassion for your self! This entails the ability to; Understand that there are reasons for the way you are – why you think and react in certain ways and what is important to you! The ability to; Accept yourself – to be at ease and non-judgmental with yourself! The ability to; Forgive yourself – to respectfully have peace with the choices you have made! Whilst you may have been taught to do this for others, you are likely to have difficulties in doing this for yourself as we are generally not encouraged to do so. By learning put these concepts into everyday practice with yourself, you will be supporting the ability to have a compassionate relationship with yourself. Costs: £12.00

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Heron quill pen therapy-

Reflecting positive self-belief in who you are.

3 gentle exercises to help you reflect your positive qualities, accompanied by a beautiful personalised Heron quill pen for your ongoing development of your self value.

This first and essential path needed to be taken to having a good relationship with yourself is understanding the importance of having self-belief. Belief in yourself enables you to manage and overcome your inevitable fears of self doubt. This can be gained and improved upon by cultivating a balanced view of your self; By appreciating your lovable uniqueness and by the practice of continuously reflecting and imprinting your positive qualities deeper into your subconscious, so as to raise your sense of self value. This self refection therapy and accompanying Heron quill pen will enable you to do so with greater ease. Costs: £12.00 to £22.00

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Hawk guidance maps therapy-

Gaining an insightful overview of your current self-development.

Fun, 2 part guided exercise accompanied with personalised colourful overview maps of where you are currently in your life & potentially where your current path is taking you to!

This next path needed to be taken to help you towards having a good relationship with yourself is in pursuing the commitment to yourself of following your life’s purpose of evolving. To continue with the ongoing development of yourself by taking time to regularly take a look at where you are currently on your path in life and where potentially this is leading you to. Then based on your gained perspective and if your current path is not in harmony with what is right for you, trusting your intuitive knowing self to guide you to make the right changes. By creating an overview in the form of a Hawk current path map and Hawk picture your futures map, you will be enabling your subconscious self to be your guide to consciously choose your paths through your life! Costs: £8.00 – £12.00

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Hummingbird illuminating loves therapy-

Manifesting a more loving life for yourself and with others.

Creating your own beautifully personalised illuminating Love sculpture containing all the right ingredients for you to manifest more of what you Love into your life.

This following path needed to be taken to having a good loving relationship with yourself is in the from of valuing and appreciating the much needed support gained from having Love in your life. Believing that you are worthy of having these loves and only you truly know what is right for you to love and which loves will bring you more personal happiness and resulting contentment to your life. By learning and to place your focus on what you love or want to love, you can in turn actively manifest more of the right supporting love into your life. Hummingbird illuminating Love will help you to put this into practice and achieve this more easily. Costs £18.00 – £21.00

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Blue Morph life-path therapy

Celebrating your path or a loved ones path through the journey of life.

Co-creating a beautiful, healing and lasting remembrance picture of a very special life by the use photographs taken through a lifetime.

Though the journey of life may have seemed long and difficult, look at how far you have come as a result of having a good relationship with yourself. Lets celebrate this by focusing on what you are- You are amazing to of kept going, evolving against great odds and to have come so far! You managed to have gained and maintained a sense of self, given and received much love and have had many moments of happiness and contentment along the way and you will know now it was worth it- you are worth it! Cost: £19.00 to £46.00

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A Sense of Sally~ann Taylor-


In working with mental health problems for over 30 years, both within the NHS and in private practice, I have come to the conclusion that how a person views themselves, especially their self-worth is essential to whether consequently they will have a reasonably happy, evolving and fulfilling life. We all have experienced some form of trauma within our lives which has led us to view ourselves and/or others in a negative way. In addition to this we are currently living in times whereby the focus is very much on what is wrong with ourselves, leading to further self doubt and potential depression and anxiety. In turn we under value the importance of what is right with ourselves, this that would lead us to a more realistic balanced view point of ourselves and to have reasonable expectations of ourselves and of others. Whilst it is important to seek help in resolving mental health unwellness and the resulting behavioral problems, most forms of self help and therapies lack the focus for the need to gain back self-worth through having a compassionate relationship with the self. This has now become the focus of my work. To this end I am now offering these effective, interactive therapies.

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