Have you had enough of trying to work out what is wrong with you or for you? Would you like to try something positively different, whereby the focus is on what is right with you or for you?

Facilitated by a qualified & experienced Mental Health & Creative Therapist ~

Sally~ann Taylor

‘Self worth is the most precious thing a person can own’.

Hello and welcome to Sense Therapies. In working with mental health problems for over 30 years, both within the NHS and in private practice, I came to the conclusion that beneath every ones problems there is clearly a lack of self worth or belief in self! How a person views themselves is essential to whether they will have a reasonably happy, evolving and fulfilling life.

We all have experienced some form of trauma within our lives and as a result of not coping well with this, it has led us to view ourselves in a negative way. In addition to this we are currently living in times whereby the focus is very much on what is wrong with us, which leads us to further doubt ourselves and the potential to suffer from strong emotional responses, depression and anxiety.

We under value the importance maintaining a balanced realistic view of ourselves which would include what is right with ourselves as well as to learn to have reasonable expectations of ourselves and others.

Whilst it is important to seek help in resolving mental unwellness (and in my experience CBT especially helps with resulting behavioural problems,) most forms of self help and therapies still lack a focus for the need to gain back self-worth through having a compassionate relationship with the self. This has now become the focus of my work. To this end I am now offering the following effective and interactive therapies.

Please note: Covid and safety measures are taken in the practice of these therapies.

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Talking Therapies:

I am an trained Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, CBT practitioner and experienced Life coach, Mentor and Adviser. (For more information, please see- A sense of Sally-ann Taylor)

Costs: £25.00 per hour online. £30.00 per hour at my practice. £35.00 per hour at your home/workplace and within Exeter area and £40.00 within Devon.

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Valuing yourself workshop. A gift of appreciation workshop. Heron quill pens workshops. Including – Hosting workshops.

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Creative Therapies:

Focusing on Self worth: Heron quill pens. Hawk guidance maps. IIluminating Loves. Blue morph Life-path pictures.

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CBT Courses:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Courses- Self Compassion. Stress & Anxiety. Assertiveness. Emotional Development.

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A sense of Sally~ann Taylor:

Find out more about me and see my CV & Testimonials.


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Updates on whats new with Sense Therapies.

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Wonderful unique gifts of Heron quill pens and Illuminating Love sculptures for yourself or a loved one.

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