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Professional practice based in Gandy street, central Exeter.
Free 30 minute confidential meeting prior to therapy & guidance.
Free accompanying handouts and self development book.
New; Online-face to face-guidance.

Discover ~

A Sense of You +
New; Online-face to Face-Guidance ~

Supportive, Insightful, Person Centred Guidance & Therapy.
Feeling confused, unsure, frustrated or overwhelmed and in need of some understanding and clarity as to why?

A Sense of Self Worth ~
Encouraging, Self Valuing, CBT Based Course.
Feeling Generally Low, Fed up, Insecure, Undervalued or Resentful?

A Sense of Emotional Stability ~
Effective, Practical, CBT Based Course.
Can include the management of Anger, Stress, Anxiety Depression or other difficult emotions.
Struggling to keep your feelings, balanced, reasonable under control?

A Sense of Communicating Effectively +
Assertiveness Course ~
Enabling a Sense of Ease Within all Your Relationships.
Struggling to be heard,understood or trying to sort out differences with another?

A Sense of You Through Art ~
Enjoyable, Creative Journey of Self Discovery.
Take a fun and insightful journey of discovery to understand more about you.

A Sense of Sally~ann Taylor ~
Including a Brief Resume and Testimonials.

Sense Book ~
Free Downloadable PDF & Purchasable Book.

Location of Sense Therapy, Exeter ~
Map & Directions.

Facilitated by an Experienced Mental Health Therapist ~

Sally~ann Taylor

picture of Sally ann Taylor

Discover a Sense of You through Self Development and Mindfulness Based CBT.
Make Sense of You and any difficulties with insightful, Person Centred Guidance.
Gain a Sense of You through self exploration and an understanding of what is right for You.

Hello and Welcome to Sense Therapy ~

~ Sense Therapy was established in 2000 to meet the many requests for an affordable and quickly accessible service. At the time I had developed and ran a very successful Emotional/Anger Management and Development course whilst working for the Partnership Trust, NHS, assessing individual mental health needs and running Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based courses.

As a result of this, Sense Therapy evolved to became a totally independent private practice in 2008 and in turn I moved to my new work place – Therapy@gandyst Practice, Exeter.

I now continue to work with individuals, couples and groups, who self refer as well as referrals via GP’s, Solicitors, Social services, Courts and many other professional bodies. In addition to this, I deliver training to many other professional organisations and their service users.

The focus of my work is to offer supportive, practical, mindfulness based therapy and guidance to help resolve any mental health conflict or difficulty and my unique person centred approach is insightful, enabling and empowering.

Excitingly, this has now evolved to an additional new; Online-face to face-guidance & therapy.

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