A Sense of Emotional Stability~

Effective, Practical, CBT Based Course.

Can also include the management of Anger, Stress, Anxiety or Depression and/or any other difficult emotion.

We all struggle to mange our emotions from time to time and this is very understandable considering our lack of given education, general understanding and helpful management skills. This course ensures that with a little practice, you will be able to understand, recognise and effectively make reasoned choices around any difficult emotion.

Struggling to keep you feelings, balanced, reasonable and under control?

Gain a sense of emotional stability through a one to one, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based course, for the effective management of problematic current or historic feelings, whether they be Anger, Frustration, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Guilt, Jealousy…

  • This is a 4 hour course, accompanied by handouts, practical exercises and ongoing support throughout.
  • The course can be accomplished on an hourly, 2 hourly or four hourly basis.
  • Free 30 minutes assessment meeting prior to the sessions, giving you the opportunity to meet with me first and to asses if this course of action is right for you.
  • Costs; £35.00 per hour, (£30 concessions.)
  • Letters of attendance and brief reports available which are recognised by local authorities.
  • All courses can be followed up by monthly Check in meetings for ongoing guidance.
  • Confidentiality assured.
Sense of Emotional Stability~

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