A Sense of Communicating-Effectively~

Enabling a Sense of Ease Within all Your Relationships.

Struggling to be heard,understood or trying to sort out differences with another?

We all go about communicating in different ways and most of us find communicating clearly and effectively difficult! We fear confrontation, creating upset and possible rejection especially from the people we care about. Consequently we tend to go about communicating in a very unassertive way. (Assertiveness means the ability to say directly what you want need or feel, but not at the expense of others!)

By understanding these differences in communication and by putting into practice the basic skills of Assertiveness, will help to resolve these difficulties whilst improving your confidence in managing disagreements and promote a sense of ease within all of your relationships with others.

  • This is a 4 hour course, accompanied by handouts, practical exercises and ongoing support throughout.
  • The course can be accomplished on an hourly, 2 hourly or four hourly basis
  • Free 30 minutes assessment meeting prior to the sessions, giving you the opportunity to meet with me first and to asses if this course of action is right for you.
  • Costs; £35.00 per hour, (£30 concessions.)
  • All courses can be followed up by monthly Check in meetings for ongong guidance.
  • Confidentiality assured.
Communicating Effectively~

Sense Assertiveness Course~

Do you work alongside others or work in a public or social setting and sometimes find communication difficult, awkward, conflicting or uncompromising? Do you sometimes find that you are bossed, manipulated or guilt induced by others into doing things you would rather not? This quick to learn and put into practice, insightful, two hour, Assertiveness Course guarantees that with a little effort, communication with others can be made easier, promoting cooperation and mutual respect through effective communication.

The first hour looks at understanding the Skill of Assertiveness and the different unassertive behaviours and why at times we are all capable of acting out these behaviours. It also gives you an opportunity to understand with compassion, your own unassertive behaviour, and in turn, to learn new skills of Assertiveness so as to prevent this. The second hour looks at recognising other peoples unassertive behaviour and, in turn, learning to manage this by communicating effectively and appropriately, reducing the potential for stress and conflict.

  • This course is a total of two hours and done one hour at a time on two different dates.
  • A CBT based course, which includes practical exercises using handouts, self reflection and exercises to be done in between sessions and ongoing support given throughout.
  • Costs are for two hours and includes all handouts: £60 for one person at Exeter practice. £110 for 2 to 3 persons at the Exeter practice £140 for up to six -not including room costs.
  • Price includes all handouts.
  • All courses can be followed up by further therapy and guidance or monthly check in meetings for ongoing guidance .
  • Recommended and Endorsed by Brody’s Breakfast Bistro, Exeter and many other small business’s.
Cooperation through Effective Communication~

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