A Sense of You through Art~

A Sense of You Through Art~

Enjoyable, Creative Journey of Self discovery.

Would you like to take a fun and insightful journey of self discovery to understand more about You?

Through the use of art, creativity, fun and exploration, a connection to the subconscious can be gained, revealing hidden motives and feelings that you might not be recognising consciously . In acknowledging these you can find release as well as a greater understanding of who you are. This can be achieved with simple exercises, which include creative writing, collage work, visualisations, and exploring emotions through art.

Having trained and worked in Creative Therapy for many years, I have found that, for some people, this is a far more effective form of therapy; one that gives space for another form of communication and one that offers release and/or distraction from difficult feelings. If agreeable and required, further guidance and therapy can be offered to enable further insights to historic difficulties.

  • This is a four hour course of Creativity and Art exercises and includes all materials and support through out.
  • This is a 4 hour course is accompanied by handouts, practical exercises and ongoing support throughout.
  • The course can be accomplished on an hourly, 2 hourly or four hourly basis.
  • Free 30 minutes assessment meeting prior to the sessions, giving you the opportunity to meet with me first and to asses if this course of action is right for you.
  • Costs; £35.00 per hour, (£30 concessions.)
  • All courses can be followed up by monthly check in meetings, for ongoing guidance.
  • Confidentiality assured.

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