A Sense of Sally~ann Taylor

As with everything on this amazingly diverse planet that we humans live on, we too are here to simply Evolve! Through the process of conscious learning we have also gained choices in how we personally do so!

However, currently this is not so easy as we are living within societies-whilst providing us with the luxury of very many choices- offer very little knowledgeable and effective guidance, especially in helping us to decide what is personally right for us!

Many of my life’s lessons have taught me how to adapt and evolve in the right way for me!
I have taken the long journey of self awareness and self development and of course, I have learned that if you ignore the basics of looking after your mental and emotional health, then this can lead to feelings of stuckness and the inability to naturally evolve, and consequently- Mental illness.

I have, learned, instead to have a supportive, compassionate relationship with myself. To help resolve my historical difficulties through understanding and forgiveness. To make the most of my choices, especially the choice of change or acceptance. To use effective CBT coping strategies, such as how to manage strong and unreasonable emotions and learning the skill of Assertiveness so as to communicate with ease any difficulties with another.

Through Mindfulness I have understood how to recognise my negative thoughts that often lead to negative feelings and behavior and to use non judgementle observation and effective distraction techniques instead. In addition, I have learned about the effect of our background of unhelpful social conditioning statements such as ‘You should not make mistakes!’ and replace this with helpful conditioning such as; ‘As long as you’re learning, you’re doing fine’!

All of these understandings and practices have made my life more balanced, fulfilling, and more importantly, have enabled me to follow what I truly Love by discovering a Sense of Me!

Along the way I have been fortunate in being able to impart these understandings -gained through training, working with others and my own personal self development. Helping others to find their way forward in their lives, is in my opinion, a privilege. This continues to be a great joy to me which in turn enriches my life too.

Fortunately for me, my reputation has grown through the many years experience in working within the processional field of improving mental health difficulties. I am known for being exceptionally, insightful, a good communicator and listener, logical, inspirational, creative, supportive and encouraging, as well as effectively making Sense of You through the use of practical therapy and person centered guidance.

To accompany my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based courses, I offer written Handouts to enable this experience to be as effective as possible and therefor easy to put into practice now and for referencing in the future. There is also a Sense Guide Book available, including a free PDF downloadable version. This includes all handouts and a further philosophy of living ‘A life so worth living well’. In addition I will always offer the possibility of coming back at a later date for ongoing support.

Making Sense~

07747504308 sally@sensetherapy.co.uk
01626 895436 www.facebook.com/sensetherapy

Brief Resume~

Mental Health Therapist:

Specialising in Emotional Development, Assertiveness and Self Esteem, Group therapist and Trainer of Cognitive Behavioural Courses. Trained in Person Centred Counseling. Qualified Creative Therapist.

Qualifications & Training:

In house training by the NHS; Clinical Assessments, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mental health Therapy Group work; including Anger Management, Stress and Anxiety Management, Assertiveness and Confidence Building, Mindfulness.
Certificates of training in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Relationship Counselling. Sexual Trauma, Crisis Management Skills and Clinical Supervision.
BTEC Distinction (Degree) in Creative Therapy and Social care.
Certificate of training in Person Centred Counselling through the Citizen Advice Bureau.

Current & Previous Work History:

Running a private practice Sense and working freelance for; Individuals, Couples and Groups, who self refer as well as being referred to by GP’s, Solicitors, Social services, Courts and many other professional bodies. In addition, delivering training to many other professional organisations and their service users including training GP’s in Emotional Management.
2000-2008:The Victory Centre, Partnership Trust and NHS, (Mental Health care service, Exeter.) specialising in Anger management courses.
Devon and Cornwall police, Stress management programs.
Exeter University, Providing a Mentoring service for the students and staff. Clinical supervision for Atkins law solicitors, who provide legal assistance to prisoners. Workways, delivering Sense training courses to staff and clients.
Freelance Mental Health Therapist, delivering various self development courses, on behalf of G.P surgeries, Sure Start, Schools, Social services, Solicitors, and individual clients and organisations.
1997- 2000:Freelance Creative therapist( Devon, Macclesfield and Manchester,) within the areas of Mental health, Special needs, Learning difficulties and Elderly care.
Trainer for Social Services. Adult education teacher, delivering Creative and Art therapy courses.
Trainer for Social Services. Adult education teacher, delivering Creative and Art therapy courses.
1st year’s placement; working alongside an Art therapist, helping people with long term mental health difficulties. Manchester.
2nd year’s placement; working at a day centre with people with severe mental health problems and physical disabilities, Macclesfield
1989-1992: Citizen Advice Bureau, Councelling and Advice service.


“Sally is a very able and competent Therapist, offering highly valued therapy interventions for a wide range of people. She has excellent communication skills and is a highly motivated person.” Manager, Victory centre, Partnership Trust, NHS.

“Brilliant therapist -she’s got a kind, clever, no nonsense approach – she’s insightful and gets to the heart of any issue without going around the houses, I’ve known many people she’s helped over the years to find their own answers and better ways of coping in the future’. Psychiatric Nurse. NHS.

“I often think of you and all that you did to help me through a very difficult period in my life and how I have moved on from those times.. I feel so fortunate that it was YOU I stumbled across.” NHS Client.

“I was in a real mess when you helped me see a way forward and now my relationship is back on track and life is so much better. Thank you.” NHS Client.

“I am amazed at your ability to really listen and retain what was said. You are very supportive, practical and inspirational. It has made such a difference.” Private Client.

“My time with you has given me more confidence and less stress. I am a lot calmer, and it has rubbed off on my family.” Private Client.

“I have been thinking about my art therapy journey, and feel the year + of sessions I have had with you have given me so much confidence, both in myself in general and creatively. I can see that the skills you have given me really work, and also the guidance I needed to carry on learning and improving – thank you so much. I have set up a website featuring some of my photography and am slowly adding a few pieces of other artwork to it as well. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do that a year ago! I feel I have slowly but surely come round to accepting myself much more (not necessarily completely, but I definitely feel much steadier!) and I know now how vital art and creativity is to my wellbeing and happiness.” Private Client.

“I found the assertiveness course very enlightening and it was presented in a way that taught me that being assertive is about stating your point clearly and taking away the emotion. When this is done, no one is left feeling upset and every one has a clear outcome.” Staff at Workways. Devon.

“Sally was brilliant, she got every one engaged within 10 minutes of entering the room. She spoke to everyone at their level and pace recognising peoples individuality. Excellent feedback was given at the end of the day and all of us have used what we have learnt since attending.” Employment Support Worker, Plus.

“Sally was an asset and a credit to my firm, assisting the staff in communicating and resolving interpersonal issues.” Atkins Law solicitors.

“It has made me look at myself and my way of thinking.” Clients, Sure start, Devon.

07747504308 sally@sensetherapy.co.uk
01626 895436 www.facebook.com/sensetherapy